World Vision International

Good Partners and Best Practice

We work with all others who share our passion to help children flourish. These include individuals, institutions, governments, corporations, faith communities and more. We also aspire to the highest levels of best practice  and accountability in all that we do. More details are to be found in our Annual Review and Accountability Report.


Good Partners

We work closely with various UN agencies including the World Food Program, UNHCR, the refugee agency and UNICEF on children’s issues.


Best Practice

We are signatories to the major codes of conduct for best practice in emergency situations, notably those of the International Red Cross and the Sphere Project.



We are proud to partner with the world’s largest government and institutional donors, each of whom has strict criteria for best practice and accountability. 



We have many fantastic partnerships with corporations and foundations large and small throughout the world.


Violence, in all its forms, is the biggest issue affecting children today. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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