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World Vision works with leading standard-setting organisations such as the International Aid Transparency Initiative and Transparency International to stay at the forefront of global trends in NGO accountability.

In 2010, World Vision International approved an Open Information Policy that sets out a partnership-wide standard for sharing details about finance and operations. The policy makes clear that we always favour making information available unless there is a compelling reason to hold something back.

The policy can be downloaded by clicking here.

In order to help staff make decisions about how to deal with disclosure in specific situations, Global Accountability also provides a set of guidelines on implementing the Open Information Policy.

The guidelines can be downloaded by clicking here.

Any further questions can also be directed to the Global Accountability department.


World Vision is in the process of developing a comprehensive Partnership wide approach to preventing, detecting and resolving instances of corruption, including bribery and fraud. This includes the rationalisation of a number of separate policies and guidelines. A Partnership policy and guidance materials are expected to be finalised during 2013.


New training modules for World Vision staff are being put in place as part of the new approach.


World Vision runs an anonymous whistleblower hotline for reporting corrupt activities.

A range of World Vision policies and services are available to help staff fight corruption.

The UK has seen the use of scenarios to raise awareness of how to deal with corruption.

Emergency responses present unique challenges to transparency and preventing corruption.

Small fraud and cash fraud are widespread problems that add up to put a massive drain on resources and efficiency.

More information on World Vision's anti-corruption activities can be found in the 2011 Accountability Report, including a Case Study from Haiti.


“Do not follow the crowd in doing wrong.” – Exodus 23:2




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