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Rescuing the childhood of Afghan girls

Through this important campaign we aim to address forced and child marriage in order to allow these girls to enjoy their childhood, but also to have opportunity to go to school to help prepare them for a better future.

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Education is the new getaway For Syrian children

Instead of going to school Kheir, five, was gathering plastic and nylon from the streets and selling them.

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Where are we on forced migration?

World Vision and other NGOs are callling on world leaders for more urgent action to help the record number of refugee and displaced children.

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Child Marriage

Unbearable load: The plight of a child bride

Before her marriage, Rani was a regular schoolgirl. She remembers that she loved studying. But, like too many others, poverty and tradition blocked her from proceeding in school.

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Food shortages force children to marry in Mozambique

Hunger and desperation drove Inês to agree to marriage at 14.

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Child Labour

Dancing helps Tania escape reality of child labour

Instead of school, Tania spends many of her days peeling piles of icy shrimp — squatting for hours with little rest in order to avoid sitting on a dirty, wet cement floor at a local fish depot.

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Chrome's shine tarnished by child labour in Albania

Keli, 13, scavenges through rocks on the side of a mountain in Albania looking for rocks with deposits of Chromium.

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Child Trafficking

The broken dream – A story of forced labour

Human trafficking is the world’s fastest growing global crime and the third most profitable organised crime after the trade in drugs and arms trade. An estimated 1.2 million children are trafficked every year for labour or sexual service purposes.

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16 years a slave; a trafficking survivor shares his story

Many young people who leave their homes to find work in another country have been tricked into jobs that are unsafe, exploitative and abusive. Khamdy* is one of them.

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Sexual violence and exploitation

Ebola’s scars live on

World Vision operates in her district and is fighting the cause of children through community sensitizations, dialogue, community engagement at all levels.

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Ebola’s footprints: Diary of a 14-year-old girl

Some have been sexually harassed by men because they have lost one or both parents to the disease and are now finding it very difficult to survive.

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Online Vulnerability

The importance of staying safe online, even if you are not a regular user

Rita*, 16, is one of many teenagers who have become a victim of the Internet, which others have used to hurt her.

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Surfing online safe and sound

Armine is now aware of the internet safety rules and she is a big advocate for safety among her peers.

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One of the major problems children face most often: bullying

Children face many forms of bullying- physical violence, online, and emotional abuse.

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Physical Violence

Raising a more tolerant generation

Children see violence at home, at school, on the street, among peers and everywhere. This is one of the reasons why World Vision has chosen to work with groups of children to teach them their rights and to inform them how to be protected and report violence.

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