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Myanmar – Bangladesh Refugee Crisis


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Since late August, about 617,000 people have crossed the border into Bangladesh, escaping violence in Myanmar. As many as 60% of these are children and many have been separated from their parents. More than 800,000 people including over half a million children are in need of humanitarian assistance – this includes those who arrived since the influx began.

The vast majority of newly arriving refugees are now living outside the camps, in makeshift settlements and temporary shelters, with limited access to food, shelter, clean water, sanitation and friendly spaces for children, adolescents and women. Refugees, mostly women and children are distressed, and some have arrived with injuries caused by gunshots, shrapnel, fire and landmines.


The refugees especially children fleeing the conflict live in desperate situation and they need our help. World Vision requires an estimated USD 5 million to support the six-month humanitarian response plan from September 2017 to February 2017. 

What is the situation of the children?

A recent UNICEF study reveals that almost 60 percent of the refugees are children who have crossed the border into Bangladesh since 25 August, 2017 and this number continues to increase daily, and many of them are suffering from malnutrition. Most of the children are separated from their families or fled on their own. Some are unaccompanied. All have suffered tremendous loss. Child refugees have become more vulnerable to protection issues like child trafficking.

What is World Vision doing?

World Vision is on the ground and is working closely with the Government of Bangladesh and other non-government organisations to provide humanitarian needs. The aid agency will focus on providing in the next six months:

  • Food assistance
  • Clean water
  • Hygiene and sanitation promotion
  • Temporary shelter
  • Child Friendly Space
  • Women and Young Children Space
  • Hygiene kits, clothes and baby kits
  • Kitchen sets 

Even before the crisis, World Vision has been working in Myanmar since 1991 helping the most vulnerable children and families through health and nutrition services, access to education, clean water, sanitation, and hygiene facilities, and equips families to grow their livelihoods. In Bangladesh, World Vision has started with emergency work since 1972.

How you can help the refugees?

Our staff are working tirelessly to bring hope to the refugees. You can help by keeping those affected in your prayers and donating via your local World Vision office. With your donation, we can provide life-saving aid to the Myanmar refugees seeking safety and refuge in Bangladesh.

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