World Vision Mauritania

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National Director  - Lilian Dodzo

E-mail: lilian_dodzo [at] wvi [dot] org

Country Program Manager  - Christine Mukamugema

E-mail: christine_mukamugema [at] wvi [dot] org

Operations Director  - Jean Gabriel Carvalho

E-mail: jean_gabriel_carvalho [at] wvi [dot] org

Finances and Support Services Director - Dr. Honore Sandaogo Kabore 

E-mail: honore_sandaogo_kabore [at] wvi [dot] org

Security Focal Point - Brahim Ndao

E-mail: brahim_ndao [at] wvi [dot] org

Communications - Coumba Betty Diallo

Email: Brahim_Ould_Sidi_Baba [at] wvi [dot] org (coumba_betty_diallo [at] wvi [dot] org)

World Vision Mauritania:

ZRB 510, Tevragh Zeina                                             P.O. Box: 335, Nouakchott

Tel: +222 45 25 30 55                                                 Fax: +222 45 25 11 83

Violence, in all its forms, is the biggest issue affecting children today. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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