World Vision Nicaragua

Our Work

Our programmatic offer is focus according the age group: Infant (0-5yrs old), children (6-12yrs old) Adolescents and Youth (13-18yrs old)

Health and nutrition:

  • ·         “Hearth Program” Nutritional Recovery Model
  • ·         Implementation of family garden focus on children undernourished.
  • ·         Health and School nutrition package: (iron, de-worming and lice cleaning)
  • ·         Support to School Snacks.
  • ·         Learning Model (STD, HIV and Aids)

 Education for life:

  • ·         Early Stimulation Centre
  • ·         Psychomotor development with pre-school students.
  • ·         Reading corner, art, dramatization, general culture and expression.
  • ·         Support to: Computer Labs, School libraries, special cases
  • ·         Development of Skills for life
  • ·         Encouragement for entrepreneurship


  • ·         Chil birth certifícate
  • ·         Counselling Houses
  • ·         Protagonism of adolescents
  • ·         Men´s network against violence.
  • ·         Community Resilience to face natural desasters
  • ·         Incidence in policies
  • ·         Children in Emergency    

Violence, in all its forms, is the biggest issue affecting children today. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

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